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Strategy is key for powerful long lived campaigns.



The first step towards success will always be the strategy. What we love about this step is that it makes everything about what and how you want to attain clear.

Our building blocks:

  • A clear goal
  • A plan
  • The execution
  • Follow up and optimize 

The concept of the funnel.

Everybody loves the funnel.

The funnel is a way of visualizing what it takes for a customer to get to know you as a brand – all the way to where they make the decision to convert.

The idea here is that you want to set up campaigns with a collected goal of getting more people to purchase your product. Let’s talk about it in four steps.

  1. Make your prospect aware that you exist (here you might set up a campaign with a goal of high reach).
  2. Make them engage (here you would target people you know have seen your ads before, but never engaged, with a goal of getting them to click and read more about your offering).
  3. Close them. (This is where you really harvest the grass and attain more customers, an extremely important step for profitable marketing.)
  4. Have them purchase more (Many companies focuses too little on this part. It’s about making your customers love you. Next time they need what you offer. Make sure they’ll come to you again).


These four steps might sound much like an inside-out perspective, so a smoother wording which is used a lot instead is to call them the four steps of (SEE, THINK, DO, and CARE.)

Performance driven advertising

What all this really is about is finding where we can attain the most revenue, at the lowest cost. It could also be the most leads at the lowest cost, or the highest reach. But what matters is that it’s always measurable, so we can optimize it to perform better.

This will always be our focus.

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