Google Tag Manager

Get to know your customers by tracking user behavior


The power with google tag manager

Apart from being a tool anyone can use without any prior knowledge what so ever (Loads of useful step by step guides out there) – Google Tag Manager lets you make quick edits to your code primarily with the purpose of better, and customized tracking. And if you’d rather have someone else make the changes for you – as with most google products, it’s extremely simple to give anyone you want access to make changes.


Track, test, learn

Google tag manager is really just the tool that makes it quick and easy to set up the tracking you want. But the real value lies in why you’d use it. 

Let’s say you own an ecommerce store.

Hundreds of people reach your site every day making very different choices. One user might click around really looking for your shipment alternatives before feeling comfortable making a purchase, whilst another sees what she’s after and acts on it on the spot, just because there are few items left in stock.

To know the best way to present all information and selling points to your customers for optimal conversion rates. The ability to track specific action is more often than not extremely valueable.

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