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OnDigital is a marketing agency that started in early 2020 to help companies advertise primarily on Google and Facebook. We are experts at sales-driven marketing and have expertise all the way from driving high quality traffic to optimizing websites for high conversion rates.

We find truth in daring, measuring, and testing, and find success in insights and data driven decisions.

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We believe that transparency and understanding is an important basis to healthy teamwork. Therefore, all long term collaborations with us will come with a clear, free of charge dynamic report so you can follow up on how we do – on demand!

Sofia Röstén

Digital Marketer, Graphic Design

Timmy Bontegard

Digital Marketer, Developer

Timmy Bontegard

Digital Marketer, Developer

Julius Nordmark

Digital Marketer, UX Design / Webb


Digital Asisstant & Mascot